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Body Outlaws: Rewriting the Rules of Beauty and Body Image
(Seal Press, 1998; 2000; 2004)

In this collection, over 30 young writers courageously explore and expand the body image dialogue beyond weight to include culture, sexuality, hair, skin, "ethnic" features, and so much more. The premise of Body Outlaws is that it's become so unfathomable (and unsupported culturally) for a woman to like her body that if she does, she becomes marginalized from the mainstream. Like an outlaw, she lives on the fringes of the culture, considered odd because she's not obsessing over her appearance.

Through diverse and honest voices, this book shows the important, culture-shifting role a body outlaw plays through her brave acts of self-acceptance. She treats the world to some badly-needed shock therapy, reminding us that confidence, beauty, and natural bodies do come in many forms...even the ones our eyes have been trained to forget.

Keeping the beat with body image, this book has seen its share of makeovers. It was first published as Adios, Barbie, until a brief tet-a-tet with Mattel's pink and not-so-pretty legal powers forced Seal Press to change the title and cover. (Read details of the saga here!) After toying with new names like "Kiss My Azz, Babs" and "She Ain't Streisand, She's My Sister," I decided to retitle this collection of multiculti body image tales as Body Outlaws.

Because the book has rocked on mightily, lawsuits be damned, Seal Press published an expanded edition in February 2004. It included 8 new essays (including 2 by men), a resource guide, and a short curriculum section.

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"[Body Outlaws] is THE book I would recommend to any feminist, young and old. It is one of the few books to try and tackle the broad continuum of race, class, and age while exploring body image. It is a diverse group of essays that truly give hope to women that one day we will be able to love ourselves and each other." (from

"I love this book, and I've read parts of it over and over again for my own healing. I admire every writer in this book so much, and after I finished reading it, I felt like something in me changed...I recommend this book to anyone who has the slightest issues with their bodies." (from