Utne Reader

"I Love This Magazine!"

What's not to love about a magazine with the tag line "A woman's guide to power and attitude"? Funky and sassy, HUES deos feminism third-wave style, in a voice that's fierce but also fun. HUES-brand advice: What do you do when a perv stares at your breasts? Punch him! Looking for some real-life "girl power"? Investigate sisterhood--and learn how to masturbate.

It's that brand of in-your-face spunk--combined with an editorial content that dares to question fashion-industry beauty--that makes HUES one of the most interesting women's magazines on newsstands today. While some of teh stories are a little rough around the edges, it's clear that HUES has its heart--and head--in the right place. It makes room for all kinds of women--not just white, straight, skinny ones.

Something else cool about HUES is how it goe here--by sheer young-womanpower. Founded in 1992 as a fashionable anti-fashion statement by three University of Michigan students--Dyann Logwood and sisters Tali and Ophira Edut--the magazine struggled along for six years until the founders decided to put the title up for sale. Prince and Princess Charming appeared in the form of Joe Kelly and Nancy Gruver, publishers of the Duluth, Minnesota-based New Moon: The Magazine for Girls. Now, with some money behind their mouths, the HUES-sters will soon move from a quarterly to a bimonthly schedule and, if Kelly and Gruver's successful track record is any indication, reach a wider audience. (Andy Steiner)