Astrostyle: Star-studded Advice for Love, Life & Looking Good
(Simon & Schuster/Fireside, 2003)

Will a Leo-Scorpio love match spawn a royal rumble, or a sweet success? Why do some Taurus guys seem more in love with their reflections than with you? Which styles will maximize your sign's mojo, and which will cause the fashion police to put you under house arrest?

Tali and Ophira Edut, the official astrologers for Teen People magazine, wrestle down the issues in the first guide to astrology that is both hip and helpful. Spicing their savvy advice with star-based insights into pop icons like J. Lo (a classic Leo megastar), Josh Hartnett (a sensitive Cancer-boy), and Britney Spears (a feisty Sagittarius), they cover the whole universe of teen experience, including:

* Love: How to make any astro-relationship last—and how to end it fast

* Fashion: Cosmic wardrobe hints, custom-fit to your sign

* Livin' It Up: Tips on picking friends, managing your issues, and finding a favorite hangout

* Destiny: How the stars can guide you to fame, fortune, and figuring it all out—starting right now

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